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 Forage Soap + Candle is a small, family run, artisan soap and candle studio in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Appalachia.The small batch, botanically scented candles hand-poured by Forage Soap + Candle out of their rural studio are a nod to the 19th century wildcrafters and apothecaries that were once a mainstay of Appalachian life.

Infused with herbs, roots, resins, and wildflowers, hand-picked from the surrounding mountainsides, each candle is an aromatic journey into the wilderness, a way to melt away cares and gently set aside the burdens of the day. Simple and modern with a hint of vintage charm, they are designed to complement every style of home from contemporary urban to rustic bohemian.

Founded by former biology and chemistry teacher Lisa Smith, Forage Soap + Candle combines the latest scientific research with the indigenous folk wisdom and everyday magic that embodies Southern Appalachia. Every candle is an homage to the folklore, customs and traditions of mountain life.

Each candle reflects the practical and resourceful nature of mountain culture and it's deep, abiding respect for nature. Ingredients are plant based; non-GMO, certified vegan and cruelty-free. Containers are environmentally friendly, reusable, and recyclable. No artificial colors or synthetic fragrances are used. Wicks are lead-free and 100% cotton. 

Forage embodies the meditative approach of the small batch process. Production is kept small and simple — candles are poured in batches of 9 or 10. Each candle, from wicking to wax melting, to pouring and wick-cutting, is created with the utmost care and precision. Known for their soothing botanical fragrances and minimal, vintage inspired aesthetic, these highly coveted candles can be found sitting on coffee tables, nightstands, and mantles all over the world.